the benja men live at Kugelbahn in Wedding

After a prolonged hibernation that has done little to alleviate our collective lethargy, we recently found that the best way to cast off the cloak of apathetic exhaustion is to ROCK OUR FACES OFF! So we did that a little, and we're gonna continue to do it, and we suggest you join us in March to ROCK YOUR FACE OFF with us at Kugelbahn!

Let's Get Loud

from polite to vicious

When I first came to Berlin in 2007, I wasn't really planning to stay, so I didn't bring much in the way of instruments. Over time, whenever I went to visit my family, I brought pieces of my ever-growing collection of stringed things back to Germany. In that time, I also purchased a couple of instruments over here. The acoustic instruments have definitely seen the most use, simply because I did not have an amplifier. Consequently, however, I feel like my songwriting has grown a bit stale.

New Sound

Hi people! There's a new sound to click on in the soundcloud player. Hope you like it, but we can still be friends if you don't! :D

Photos from the studio, part 3

Mirko Goletz strikes again with some more sweet photos!
yeah accordion!
This is Elisabeth. She and Sebastian were essentially the first people to join the Benja Men, starting sometime in about 2007 or 2008. She is an exceptionally talented pianist and accordionist. In this photo, she's trying out some new ideas for one of the songs while most of us took a little break.

Photos from the studio, part 1

Between now and the release of Goodbye, Smile Mile, I'll be updating this website more frequently. Today, I've got a couple really nice photos from our very talented pal, Mirko Goletz, who spent a couple days with us in the studio.

The whole gang!
This is a shot of all the musicians in the studio. We recorded during one of the hottest parts parts of the year, but ingested a staggering amount of tar-like coffee.